Every Thursday - 5.00 pm 

Every Thursday we open the room at the back of the Parish Office as a place of welcome to the elderly, lonely and homeless in our community. The doors open at 5pm with a cup of tea and a chat and then we serve a freshly cooked meal at 6.30pm. The Porch is staffed by a team of volunteers who are co-ordinated by Paula. The Porch is open to all and we invite you to pop in if you would like to any Thursday evening.


ACTS 435

Online fundraising platform helping those in need

Our parish community is supporting Acts 435 which is an online platform which connects those people who wish to give directly with those in need. Acts 435 allows us to post specific requests for assistance and to have those needs met directly by donors from within our own community and from afar.



Confidential meetings with legal advisors

We have the services of 3 legal professionals who provide free legal aid to people from the community. They give of their time freely and an appointment with them can be made by calling the Parish Office on 0207 624 1701. The sessions are 30 minutes in length and a follow up meeting can be arranged if necessary.



There's enough for all of us to share...

From the Church we operate a foodbank which can be accessed 7 days a week from the front door of the Parish House. We don’t require a letter from any referring agency; all you have to do is come along and ring the bell. We have food and toiletry items. All our donations are given to us through the heart shaped display in the Church. People are encouraged to bring back to the basket at the front of the altar one of the items from the heart, which are then brought in and sorted ready for distribution.


Bringing friendship to those in need

Last September Fr Terry took up an appointment as Priest Chaplain at Pentonville Prison. He co-ordinates a team of volunteers who visit the prison each Saturday morning for Mass. This team meets and greets the prisoners as they come into the Chapel and hand out hymn sheets and provide a human face of Christ to them. It is hoped that some of the Volunteers will take up more of an active role in the weeks ahead by joining in the Faith Sharing Group on Thursdays or the Rosary Group on a Friday.



Tackling debt in London

Two years ago we opened up a branch of London Capital Credit Union operating from the Parish House at Quex Road. This was done in an attempt to help people budget, save and borrow at very low interest rates. The Credit Union is open twice a week at the Parish House on Monday from 6pm-8pm and Tuesday from 9.15am till 11am. For more information please call in and have a chat with one of the Volunteers at the Parish House.